Runners Hit with a Thrown Ball Will Now Be an Out

Apr 1, 2019 7:57 AM
James Trickington

In an effort to increase the accuracy of calls, CYBSA has adopted the “Whiffle Ball” rule for all baseball and softball divisions. In the era of video replay, this rule change is far cheaper than outfitting multiple HD cameras across all the fields. In addition to a player being out with a force play or a tag play, defensive players can now throw the ball directly at the runners to put them out.

Umpire Steve Wonder has long advocated for this rule in youth baseball and softball. “Those bang – bang plays at first base will be far easier to get correct, because you will be able to see if the blood drip was before or after the runner reached the base. It makes the calls so much easier, especially when a player has clearly fallen unconscious before reaching the base.” Dr. Bob Kevorkian also agrees. “Based on the growing number of concussion studies, we have shown that children 18 and under suffer no permanent effects from concussion. In fact, it’s been shown to increase neurological function.”

Not everyone is on board with this change though. With only 2 balls per game being used, pitchers feel that the bloodstains on the balls will make it easier for the batters to pick up the rotation. Despite that, 98% of the players surveyed are in favor of this rule change. They feel that bumps, bruises, and stitches are a small price to pay to increase the accuracy of the calls on the field.

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