Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association


Centennial Baseball and Softball Association(CYBSA) is partnered with HitStreak Baseball and Softball Training Academy.

CYBSA specializes in offering the best baseball and softball league experience for young families with ballplayers who desire to learn and play in a fun, competitive environment.  HitStreak specializes in training all players of all abilities and offers a "tournament level" path for the players to plug into down the line.  Our partnership allows CYBSA to work WITH their trainers, use their state of the art facility, and run programs together to maximize growth in the player.  We are the only league in the state with this type of arrangement.

What does this partnership offer:

  1. Spring Training sessions- Hitting, throwing, and defensive sessions are offered at a discounted rate for all CYBSA players.
  2. Coaches clinics put on by HitStreak staff to pass their knowledge on to our coaching staff
  3. An office "home" for CYBSA for parents to have a central access point for meetings, equipment pick up, trainings, etc.
  4. A path forward for our more competitive athletes to graduate into.
  5. Practice days for our teams that do not have access to field space outdoors
  6. Specialized camps and clinics offered throughout the year.

This partnership is second to none in the industry and CYBSA and HitStreak are committed to offering the best product and service for you and your family.

Check out HitStreak here for more information: www.HitStreak.com