Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association

Centennial Expected Conduct

Centennial prides itself in doing as much as possible to create an enjoyable  environment for its players. We have codes of conduct which are enforced to achieve this. They can be found below.

We expect exemplary sportsmanship from players, coaches, and parents. We expect everyone to show respect to their opponents, officials, and the game. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated.

The way coaches and parents handle themselves has a direct and lasting impact on the young, impressionable players. Often, the behavior of the parents and coaches present is mirrored by the players on the field. While there is a time and place for addressing calls made, there is never a time or place for anyone other than the manager to address it. Fans, and even assistant coaches, arguing or complaining about calls on the field is never acceptable. No one should ever be addressing opponents, whether it be fans, players, or coaches, in addition to officials, in anything but a positive way, especially in front of the players.

Being passionate and competitive does not have to include unsportsmanlike conduct to achieve. Most of this type of conduct is counterproductive to the intended goals. It takes much away from the player's enjoyment of the game. Especially with the younger players, they have no idea what is going on, it can frighten them, and they don't care. They just want to play.

If you can focus on what you as an individual can control, nearly all unwelcome and unsportsmanlike conduct can be eliminated. If you don't worry about what the umpire is doing, what the opposing fans are doing, what the opposing coaches are doing, what the opposing players are doing, etc., conflict rarely arises. As a fan, you can't control any of this.

There are available remedies in place to address events you feel were handled poorly. None of those remedies are available to fans and parents by engaging with someone else on or around the field.

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