Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association

For those who are new to the league or can’t quite remember how the timeline of events goes, this page is for you.

Once you register, if you uploaded any documents, they will be evaluated and then approved, e.g. birth certificates.  Depending on when you registered, from there on it could be a long wait until anything happens that you are aware.  But behind the scenes, we are processing registrations, ordering enough fields to accommodate the expected teams, ordering and putting together equipment for the season, getting all of the insurance coverage we need, verifying background checks and proper training on coaches, ordering uniforms, and many, many other things that prepare everyone for the upcoming season.  Not only are we working hard all spring and summer to try to make this the best program around, but the board of directors works year round to do everything they can to accomplish this.

If you are playing in the Rookie (7-8), Minors (9-10), or Majors (11-12) divisions, and you are either new to the league or not returning to your previous year’s team, you will need to attend one of the player assessment dates in April.  If you are playing T-Ball or softball, those players do not have an assessment.  The players that attend assessments will be put through a set of drills that demonstrate batting, catching, throwing, and running.  It usually takes about two hours per group.  The coaches in that division that have open roster spots will be there to evaluate the players and then will take turns drafting until they fill their rosters and all players are on a team.

The next big thing is the manager’s meeting.  They generally happen in April for the spring/summer season, August for the fall.  That is where all the managers and some assistant coaches meet with league officials to go over what they can expect and cover any important things that they will need to know for the coming season.  The manager’s meeting is where teams will receive their rosters and schedules.  Schedules and rosters will not be published to everyone until after this meeting.

Team practices will begin in April or May, depending on the division. Teams will have a couple of practices per week until games begin.  Once the games begin, most teams will have one practice and two games per week. Depending on weather postponements and other scheduling issues, that may not always be the case, but we try to keep as close to that as possible.

In June, we have the first of our baseball tournaments.  Rookie, Minors, and Majors divisions will be placed into brackets, seeded based on their records up to that point.  We generally do a modified, double-elimination bracket, but have also used other formats, if needed. Early round games start on weeknights, with late round games finishing up on Saturday.

In late June, we hold our softball end-of-season tournament.

Early July is when we have the All-Star break.  Our Xtreme competitive teams will play in the state All-Star tournaments throughout Colorado, including possibly in Centennial, if we host one of them. Other age divisions can also put together All-Star teams from their divisional players, if there is enough interest. For most of baseball though, this window has no games, but teams will still have practices scheduled.

Finally, we have our baseball League Championship Tournament in the second half of July.  This is where all the hard work during the season gets presented, in the effort to win your division’s championship.  It’s generally the same format as the June tournament.

And just when you think, baseball is over and it’s time to go back to school, our fall baseball program begins in mid to late August and goes through October.  This is a more casual season, where players are encouraged to play up to the division they will play in the following spring/summer season.