Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Season?

As a general rule, the spring/summer baseball season will start in April for some divisions, May for other divisions. Games will begin somewhere between the second week of May and the beginning of June. The spring/summer baseball season will finish up in the second half of July.

Bambino Buddy Ball begins in April or May and concludes July.

How do I Register?

Registration for CYBSA is done online, by clicking the Registration page above. Registration is open from for some programs year round, although most open in January  and go through March or April for the spring/summer programs. Fall registration opens around the 1st of July.
Registrations by 15 January receive a $50.00 discount off normal registration fees.
Registrations after 14 March  will be assessed a $50.00 late registration fee.
There are no early discounts or late registration fees in the fall, as registration is only open for a few weeks.
With all seasons of registrations, divisions and entire programs will fill up before the listed registration end date. Due to field availability, we can only accommodate a set number of players in each program, in each season. Waitlists will sometimes be used in the event of a division filling early.

How many games are there?

Games for the spring/summer season are played Monday thru Saturday. Exceptions: Weather related make-up games and Tournament final day. (Sunday)

T-Ball ages (4-6) play a 10 game regular season, no tournaments.

Baseball ages (7-12) play a 10 game regular season plus Mid Season and End of Season tournament for a *14-16 games, generally. Cal Ripken baseball (4-12) typically play two games per week, one weeknight and one Saturday game.

Babe Ruth Baseball (13-18) play at least a 14 game regular season schedule plus an End of Season tournament, for a planned total of between *20-25 games.  Babe Ruth baseball plays up to three games per week, double headers are more possible. Travel to neighboring leagues for interleague play will be part of this schedule. Expect two away doubleheaders throughout the season, generally on Saturdays. These interleague games will be less than 60 miles away, for most families.

Bambino Buddy Ball (Physically and/or Mentally challenged players ages 5-20) Play an 8 - 10 game season, Saturday games.

Softball plays a regular season schedule of 10 games, plus the End of Season Tournament.

The fall seasons are 8-game seasons, with baseball finishing up with a single-elimination tournament.

* Subject to weather
Once the schedules have been published, there will not be any changes made by CYBSA unless weather related or at the direction of the field permit issuing municipality. Due to field use limitations all rescheduling of games can only be done by the league. If a team cannot field a team to play a scheduled game, it will be counted as a forfeit. The schedule for practices and games is very tight, with little room to reschedule games.

When are practices?

Practices are typically weeknights, but can be on weekends, especially prior to games beginning for said season.

Baseball teams

Softball practice

Is a uniform provided?

CYBSA provides a jersey, crested with a  MLB/MiLB  team, and Centennial hat for Baseball . Players may need to furnish pants, socks, and belt.  Many teams purchase these as a team so wait to hear from your coach before purchasing these items.

Generally, ages 4-10 wear Minor League teams and ages 11-18 wear Major League teams.

Fall baseball teams generally choose their own team name, which can be the same one they used in the spring/summer season, or whatever they would like to come up with. The fall baseball jerseys are not crested with specific teams or logos.

Girl's Softball teams may choose their own team name and uniform colors. CYBSA provides hat and jersey for Softball. Players need to furnish pants, socks, etc.

All NEW players to the league will receive a batting helmet.

When will I hear from my coach?

Final team rosters will not be made available until the manager's meeting in April. Players will be contacted by their respective coach regarding practice and uniform details. If you haven't heard from your coach by the second week in May , email cbaerns7 AT Gmail with your child's name and age. Please do not contact CYBSA regarding team assignment prior to the second week in May. Once a player has been assigned to a team and rosters have been filed with Babe Ruth Headquarters, THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES FOR ANY REASON.

Who is required to attend player assessments?

All players will be required to assess. This includes all Rookie, Minors, Majors, and Babe Ruth players already assigned to a team.  T-Ball players do not assess.  All players MUST attend one of the assessment dates.

Location: Village Greens (likely)

T-Ball (4-6) No assessments for t-ball

Rookie (7-8)

Minors (9-10)

Majors (11-12)

Babe Ruth (13-15)

Team Mom/Dad?

Each team should have a team parent to take care of/coordinate snacks, photos, Rockies tickets, etc.

When is picture day?

TSS Photography as the "Official" CYBSA photographer. https://tssphotography.com/

Individual and team photos will be scheduled once rosters have been completed.  Team picture time is scheduled by either Team Parent or by Manager/Head Coach.

Who are the umpires?

CYBSA began using in-house umpires starting with the 2021 season.

Who maintains the fields?

Every year the league receives complaints in regards to the conditions of some of the ball fields.  Most of our field providers do not allow the league to do any maintenance to their fields, outside of lining them for game play. The league collaborates with more than 6 different municipalities for the fields that CYBSA uses and any/all field issues reported to CYBSA league management are reported along with a repair request/work order to the permit issuing agency accordingly. Sadly, far more often than not, these maintenance requests are not completed to the level we would like, or not completed at all.