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Nearly all information relevant to parents in our programs, whether prior to registration and/or throughout the season, can be found on the more than dozen of pages under "Program Info" tab.

The main page contains general information about the league, our parent organization, as well as links to the state, regional, and national sites for Babe Ruth League.

This section contains the most relevant information to most families. Things like rules can be found under Coaches, while specific contacts and links can be found under About.

About the Organization

Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association is part of the national organization, Babe Ruth League, Inc. Similar to brands such as Pony League and Little League, we are governed by the national, regional, and state organizations of Babe Ruth League, Inc.

There are four separate divisions within Babe Ruth League

  • Babe Ruth Baseball: 13-18 year old division
  • Cal Ripken Baseball: 4-12 year old division
  • Babe Ruth Softball: 6-16 year old girls division
  • Bambino Buddy Ball: 5-20 year old division for special needs players

While governed by a parent organization, we have autonomy to run our local league largely as we see fit. The Babe Ruth League, Inc. programs above all, are of, by, and for youth. Its mission is to make better citizens through proper supervision of regulation competitive baseball and softball in addition to promoting mental and physical development. In adopting rules, in establishing standards and in all planning, the primary consideration is what is best for the participants.

About the League

The league was established in 1987, over a decade prior to the City of Centennial being incorporated. While we do serve the City of Centennial, we also serve the surrounding cities, such as Aurora, Parker, Greenwood Village, Foxfield, Englewood, etc.

While everyone has their own definition of these terms, the best way to describe divisional play within the league is competitive-rec. While we do have a travel-team division, it is only a small part of Centennial, for select teams who may have started in local league play, but were looking for more, at a far lower price than other travel programs.

Throughout a majority of the baseball divisions, we have aspects of competitive play with elements of recreational play too. We keep scores, standings, and only award players and teams who earn them through play. We also have minimum playing time requirements, we bat the entire lineups in most of the Cal Ripken division, and place player development over winning. Everyone who registers will be placed or drafted to a team. There are no tryouts to be eligible to play with Centennial.

Within all divisions, we play largely with MLB rules, modified for the various ages. By the 11-12 division, nearly all MLB rules are implemented, such as uncaught 3rd strikes, steals, and leadoffs. Younger ages have more rule modifications, which can be found under our supplemental rules.

What to Expect

For our spring/summer baseball season, registration opens around the first of each year. We do player assessments around April, where anyone who is not returning to an existing team will attend. We run players through various drills, while coaches will assess each player. These aren't tryouts, per se, as everyone who assesses will be drafted to a team. This is done to try to maximize parity within each division.

After the assessments have concluded, teams will draft their rosters, which will contain about 13 players.  As soon as rosters and schedules are put together, the season schedule will be released to everyone. This happens around the beginning of May. The spring/summer baseball season runs from early May through the end of July. For most divisions, there are two tournaments included, the Randy Seifert Tournament, which can happen anytime between the end of May through the middle of June, and then our League Championship Tournament, which is played at the end of the regular season, in late July.

For our fall baseball season, we start in August and end in October, with a single elimination tournament. Dates vary based on field availability. The fall season is shorter and more focused on development for the following year.

Regardless of the season, we only have capacity for so many kids. Registering early will better ensure you can get a spot within the league. We regularly have to put divisions on waitlists and close off registration well before a given season.

While we have all volunteer coaches, the league provides opportunities for training and tools coaches can use to better develop the players in their charge. All coaches must complete a thorough background check, abuse prevention training, concussion certification, and obtain a Babe Ruth Coaching certificate. As a whole, Centennial Baseball tends to have some of the best volunteer coaches in the area. Like as in all of youth sports, we are regularly finding we don't have enough qualified coaches to serve the number of players who would like to play here.

Please explore other parts of our site to find out more about Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association. A lot more information can be found under the parents and coaches tabs.