Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association


For information about umpiring or to apply:


League Manager

Phone: 720.353.0826

Centennial Umpires

Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association does all of their umpire hiring, training, and assigning, in house. Applications are due and interviews are doneĀ for new umpires in January of each year for the entire year. Trainings begin in February and go through April of each year, with games from April through October.

Pay rates vary, depending on the division, but Centennial paid >20% above what CHSAA umpires received for subvarsity games in 2022, for 13-16 year old games.

Pay rates for all divisions other than 8U were greater than CHSAA subvarsity rates in 2022.

Umpires are paid daily, primarily through Venmo.

Umpire Training

All umpires are required to attend a minimum of one plate umpire training and three field umpire trainings.

Plate umpire training: Two-hour training where umpires will focus on proper mechanics and positioning. Simulated plate work is practiced and performed as if in a real-game situation. Rules overview, highlighting areas of focus, plus league and division specific rules are covered.

Field umpire trainings: Umpires will work with an instructor during a scrimmage. Instructors will mirror field umpires to work footwork, positioning, and mechanics. Umpires will generally work a minimum of three scrimmages, two in the field and one behind the plate, to hone their skills in a less competitive atmosphere than an actual game.